Monday, March 8, 2010

You Sure Do Got a Pretty... Hand.

I had given up painting my finger nails. After years of spending money for a pretty 2 day polish or wasting time painting them myself (which only lasted 1 day if I was lucky!) I said screw the hands, focus on the toes. There is much more satisfaction and wear down there. Low and behold I come across this mystical substance called Calgel. The blogs and yelps and editorials seemed too good to be true! A polish that doesn't chip? Doesn't file your nails to wrist cutting sharpness? Actually looks like nail polish and not armoured finger nails? Bah! But of course I had to see for myself... I'll try anything as I am one of the laziest beauty people I know (but I still want to look like the people who do try).
THE RESULTS: They were damn true! Unbelievable! Magical! I'm still shocked! I am going on a week and a half with no chips ( I just got a solid white color)! And let me tell you nail polish has a suicide wish on my fingers so this is pretty heavenly. I had to spread the word... to everyone. Everyone I work with, everyone I love, everyone that makes a comment, I say "Can you guess how long I've had these!?". How no one knows about this is beyond me! Why are people still using nail polish? I don't know. Commitment issues? The one downfall? Hard to find a salon that does it around here. But it's possible. Just google your ass off. It's worth it.


dust said...

I googled it asap, it does look promising.

Heather said...

I just sanded and painted my whole bathroom. I even scratched the paint off my nails and STILL NO CHIP. Paint is still perfect. I am currently building a shrine to the wonders of Calgel.

Anonymous said...
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